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Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen Fuel Safety

All fuels are combustible, including hydrogen. However, hydrogen's combustion properties are different from other fuels. When guidelines for its safe storage, handling and use are observed, hydrogen can be handled as safely as other fuels. 
Air Products has an unsurpassed safety record in the safe production, storage, handling and distribution of hydrogen and other gases. We have earned more safety-related awards than any other industrial gas company and have taken a leadership role in supporting the hydrogen fuel community in the safe use of hydrogen.

Codes and Standards

Codes and Standards for the construction of fueling stations are available in various regions of the world.  Country specific codes have been developed in 22 countries.

Fueling Station Safety

Numerous safety systems are incorporated into all modern fueling stations.  Dispensers monitor the fueling process in real time and communicate with the vehicle.  If the dispenser detects a leak or other anomaly with the fueling event, it will shut off and prevent further fueling.  Flame and hydrogen detectors are deployed at the station to monitor for fires and hydrogen leaks.  These systems are designed to shut off the supply of hydrogen in the event of an alarm. 

Safety and Handling Information

Additional hydrogen safety and handling information can be found in the Hydrogen Material Safety Data Sheets and Safetygrams.

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