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Cryogenic Liquids

Safetygram 8
Liquid Argon

Safetygram 9
Liquid Hydrogen

Safetygram 7
Liquid Nitrogen

Safetygram 27
Cryogenic Liquid Containers

Safetygram 16
Safe Handling of Cryogenic Liquids

Safetygram 6
Liquid Oxygen

Safetygram 22
Liquid Helium

Safetygram 47
Guidance for the Safe Operation of Liquid Nitrogen Food Freezers

Safetygram 49
Guidance for the safe operation of liquid nitrogen freezers for cryo-preservation

Safetygram 51
Chilling - frosting glassware with carbon dioxide dispenser units

Cylinder and Bulk Compressed Gases

Safetygram 13

Safetygram 25
Fluorine in Nitrogen

Safetygram 3
Gaseous Argon

Safetygram 4
Gaseous Hydrogen

Safetygram 2
Gaseous Nitrogen

Safetygram 18
Carbon Dioxide

Safetygram 1
Gaseous Oxygen

Safetygram 19
Carbon Monoxide

Safetygram 33
The Hazards of Oxygen and Oxygen-Enriched Mixtures

Safetygram 5
Gaseous Helium

Safetygram 17
Dangers of Oxygen-Deficient Atmospheres 

Cylinders and Equipment

Safetygram 10
Handling, Storage, and Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders

Safetygram 38
Product Migration of Liquefied Compressed Gases in Manifold Systems

Safetygram 11
Emergency Action for Handling Leaking Compressed Gas Cylinders

Safetygram 30
Handling Liquefied Compressed Gas

Safetygram 15
Cylinder Pressure-Relief Devices

Safetygram 31
Cylinder Valve Outlet Connections

Safetygram 35
Air Products' Policy on Oxygen Sales to Oxygen Bars

Safetygram 23
Cylinder Valves

Safetygram 12
Regulator Selection, Installation, and Operation

Safetygram 14
Don't Turn a Cylinder into a Rocket


Safetygram 37
Product Security

Safetygram 29
Treatment Protocol for Hydrofluoric Acid Burns