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Air Separation Plants - Large Scale Experience

Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

Whether you are producing steel or nonferrous metals, traditional petrochemicals, or running the most advanced gasification or oxy-fuel process for your clean energy application, your air separation plant plays a significant role in your operations. Air Products has the technology, experience, and resources necessary to design, engineer, construct, and operate a cost-effective gas supply system for your specific application.

Air Products currently owns and operates over 300 air separation plants in over 40 countries worldwide, in all types of applications. In addition to our own plants, we have sold, designed and built over 1000 air separation plants globally. Our cryogenic offering spans from plants with a capability of 50 tons per day to single train facilities with oxygen production capacities beyond 4,000 tons per day, with development for single trains up to 7,000 tons per day.

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Air Separation Plants - Large Scale Experience

Understanding your needs

At Air Products, we know the importance of a safe and reliable technical gases delivery system. We have built more than 1,200 air separation plants since our beginning in 1940, and we are an industry leader in safety, earning more safety related awards than any other industrial gas company. Today we have over 300 air separation units in operation with references up to 3800 T/D and development up to 7,000 T/D. We have operations around the globe, and we serve “large scale” air separation unit customers in industries such as oil and gas, petroleum refining, chemicals and petrochemicals, power generation, steel, gold and copper mining, and others.
Air Products Air Separation Plants

Air Products Air Separation Plants

Unique Technology & Unparalleled Experience
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World Class Air Separation

An overview of our proven experience with customized solutions

Air Separation Unit (ASU) La Porte, Texas - A Benchmark Industry Plant

Air Products' new air separation plant on the Gulf Coast will serve the needs of the petroleum refining industry.
Operator wearing safety gear checking valves and gauges on a hydrogen plant

Plant Support Services and Solutions​

Air Products offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions through our highly skilled staff at offices located around the world. Our team resolves customer problems related to air separation and hydrogen production plants with solutions that emphasize safety, reliability, and operating efficiency.

Need help with your cold box services? Our team of experts is here to help with new installation, replacement, maintenance and repair.

From plant assessments to engineering studies, maintenance and technical packages, operator training, and spare parts management, we are your one-stop shop for before and after plant sale support.

Industrial Gas Plant Services