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Dry Ice

No water, no residue, just pure cold

Dry ice is the common name for carbon dioxide in its solid state. It is called dry ice because it does not melt like wet ice. Its temperature is very low (sublimates at -78.5°C) and although it has the same appearance as ice when it evaporates it leaves no water or residue.

It is widely used as a coolant, ideal to conserve moisture sensitive products and suitable for many applications such as catering, events, food preservation, oenology, refrigerated transport, cryogenic cleaning and in the pharmaceutical industry for the preservation of vaccinations and tissues.

Our dry ice is available in a range of ready to use product forms. Depending on the required quantity, dry ice is supplied in insulated boxes or in large isothermal chests.

Insulated box of dry ice for transport
Insulated box of dry ice for transport

Advantages of Dry Ice

  • High refrigeration capacity (152 Kcal/kg)
  • Can be used for preserving perishable goods and even frozen products due to its low temperature (–78.5°C)
  • Prevents oxidation by displacing oxygen from the atmosphere surrounding the product
  • Bacteriostatic agent
  • Does not leave residue due to sublimation (the dry ice passes from the solid state straight to the gas phase)
  • Easy to handle
  • Odourless and tasteless
  • Non-toxic
  • Keeps products cold for a long time.

Main Applications of Dry Ice

For refrigerating food and drink, especially for airline catering services
Food Industry
For preserving food, shipping samples and refrigerating a wide variety of products
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
For low temperature reactions, preserving vaccines, serum and tissues
Metallurgy Industry
For heat treatment at low temperatures, shrink fitting of components and material testing
Cryogenic Cleaning
For cleaning machines, equipment and moulds by blasting with dry-ice pellets that leave no residue or abrasions
Refrigerated Transportation
For perishable goods, food products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, organs and samples
Shows and Advertising
For creating special effect smoke

Interested in dry ice for your application?

Pellets of dry ice
Pellets of dry ice

Modes of Supply

We can supply drice ice in the following forms:

  • 3 mm and 16 mm pellets
  • 125 x 105 x 20 mm blocks

Depending on the required quantity, dry ice is supplied in insulated boxes or in large isothermal chests. Box and chest capacities range from capacity of between 10 kg to 400 kg and multiple boxes or chests can be supplied.

Dry ice

What are the Refrigeration Qualities of Dry Ice?

Dry ice is a different concept in refrigeration with huge advantages over the use of traditional ice and provides an alternative to other refrigeration systems. Its high refrigeration capacity, the results obtained and the fact that it does not leave a residue means it can be used for numerous applications.