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Cryogenic Deflashing

Improve the quality of cast or molded rubber or plastic parts

Cryogenic deflashing is a process that uses the extremely low temperature of a cryogen such as liquid nitrogen (LIN) to remove flash. The process includes using LIN to freeze and embrittle the flash on the rubber or plastic parts, causing it to break away by applying mechanical stress through tumbling and/or simultaneous media blasting. When combined with media blasting, tumbling enables uniform impingement of the blast media over the entire surface of all parts, removing both internal and external flash.

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PolarFit® Cryogenic Deflashing Technology

When you are ready to evaluate cryogenic deflashing for your operation, count on Air Products experienced engineers to help you. If you are making O-rings, seals, gaskets or similar parts, watch our cryogenic deflashing video on how to use cryogenics improve throughput, enhance deflashing quality and help to reduce operating expenditures. 
workpieces before and after deflashing

Improve process efficiency

Our deflashing specialists can help you determine if cryogenic deflashing will help improve your parts. They can also help identify the type of equipment best suited for your operation and test a variety of process parameters to help optimize your productivity. Their recommendations can help you realize the benefits of cryogenic deflashing such as:

  • Improved quality and reduced product waste
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved temperature control
  • Reduced process cycle times
  • Reduced hand trim requirements

Interested in trying the benefits of cryogenics in your finishing process?

Call us to find out how deflashing can benefit your production process.

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