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Strategic Technology Partnerships

Our mission is to achieve growth and cost competitiveness by identifying, developing and integrating external technologies through technology acquisition, joint ventures, collaborative R&D projects and licensing with prospective industry, government and university partners.

These global alliances include partners with technology that may benefit Air Products, and those for whom our product offerings or technological expertise may provide a solution. Our STP team serves as a link between Air Products’ core technology groups and various external entities. We seek to create new growth opportunities with a clear path to commercial markets by leveraging external technologies and processes in a manner consistent with our business growth strategy.

Barry Herzog

Barry Herzog

Director, Strategic Technology Partnerships

“Intensity of R&D in various industrial sectors is outgrowing revenue growth. Now more than ever, Air Products believes that technology innovation through partnerships is an essential and strategic component of our success.”
Hydrogen Mobility

Partnering Interests

At Air Products, we are committed to developing and deploying best-in-class technologies that keep us and our clients on the leading edge. We are equally committed to accessing those innovations wherever they may exist—in all corners of the world and across many disciplines. If you believe that your technology can be a valuable asset to Air Products, or one of our technologies will give you an advantage, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate.
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