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Oxygen (O₂)

The oxidizing gas used for life sustaining and performance optimization applications 

Oxygen is a colorless, odorless reactive gas and the life-supporting component of air. It forms just under 21% of the earth's atmosphere, and is the most abundant element in the earth's crust, mainly in the form of oxides, silicates, and carbonates.

In addition to its use as a respiratory gas for healthcare applications, oxygen has strong oxidizing properties that can benefit many industries by improving yields, optimizing performance, lowering costs and reducing carbon footprint compared to other fuels. Oxygen enrichment or replacement of air also enhances chemical and biological process efficiency.

Applications using oxygen include combustion, oxidation, fermentation, wastewater treatment and aquaculture. Combined with acetylene (CH) or other fuel gases or with argon (Ar) and carbon dioxide (CO₂), oxygen is also used for metal cutting, welding, scarfing, hardening, cleaning, and melting applications. In the food industry, oxygen is used to maintain a fresh, natural color, for example for fresh meat.

Air Products offers liquid oxygen and compressed oxygen gas in a variety of purities and in various modes of supply around the world thanks to our network of storage and transfill facilities. 


​Air Products is a World-Leading Oxygen Supplier

  • Global manufacturer of oxygen
  • Reliable supply of industrial gases
  • Excellent record of meeting on-time needs
  • Industry leader in safety
  • Technical support when you need it
  • World-class customer service

Cryogenic Air Separation Production and Pipeline Supply

Technology and experience to design, engineer, construct and operate a cost-effective gas supply system

State-of-the-art Oxygen On-Site Generator Technology

PRISM Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) generators for flexible and reliable supply, low capital and operating costs

Bulk Deliveries and Cryogenic Storage

Our team of experts help determine your needs with safe, reliable delivery supply and cryogenic tank installation

CryoEase® Microbulk Solutions, Cost-Effective Alternative to Cylinders

It eliminates cylinder handling, reduces exposure to pressurized gases and reduces the number of deliveries

High Pressure Cylinder Manifolded Packs

We supply 200 and 300 bar packs for larger cylinder volume requirements

Integra® Cylinder – Market Leading Technology

Smaller, lighter, easier to handle and often outlasts conventional cylinders

Quality Compliance

Medical grade, pharma grade, food grade, ultra-high purity compliant offerings

Have a question about oxygen?

Get answers to some of the most common questions.

Integra cylinder

Integra® Oxygen Cylinder and Flashback Arrestor


  • Built in flashback arrestor
  • Reduced exposure to pressure hazard, built-in regulator controls pressure and cannot be removed
  • Reduced risk of regulator damage, regulator fully contained within protective guard
  • Shorter and more stable cylinder has reduced risk of falling

Easier to use:

  • Smaller, lighter and more manoeuvrable than traditional cylinder
  • Snap-on connectors (no need for spanners)
  • Hand-operated on/off valve (no need for bottle keys)
  • Pre-set flow eliminates set-up time

More efficient

  • Never buy, repair or calibrate a regulator again
Packaged truck

Transporting Cylinders? Drive Safely and Arrive Safely

There are some basic safety rules to follow when transporting cylinders :

  • No smoking
  • Check that cylinder valves are properly closed and that valve caps are fitted
  • Ventilate your vehicle
  • Disconnect regulators, hoses and torches, etc.
  • Secure cylinders properly to prevent them from moving
  • Go directly to your destination
  • Do not leave cylinders inside the boot or in an unventilated place
  • Immediately unload at destination or if stopping for a longer time and store in a ventilated place

For further information, please take a look at the 'Safe Transport of Gas' guide provided by European Industrial Gas Association (EIGA).

Oxygen Supply Options

Cylinders & Hard Goods

The traditional solution for low-volume gas supply. Cylinders can be supplied in a full range of sizes, pressures and gas purities for a range of gases and gas mixtures. Search our extensive network of distributors in the U.S. and parts of Canada for your cylinder and hard goods supply needs.

CryoEase® Microbulk Solutions

A convenient and cost-effective solution for larger operations. CryoEase® tanks are available in a range of sizes. The CryoEase® service simplifies your gas supply by eliminating the need to handle cylinders, stock taking and ordering.

Bulk Supply

Delivered by truck and stored on your site either as a liquid in cryogenic tanks or as a gas in high-pressure tubes based on your volume, desired pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern.

APEX Temporary Emergency Gas Services

Short-term or emergency industrial gas supply for start-ups, peak demand periods, planned or unplanned maintenance activities, and plant or pipeline turnarounds.

On-site Oxygen Gas Generation

On-site gas generation helps sustainability-minded customers lower their carbon footprint, boost energy efficiency, increase throughput, enhance end product quality, and improve environmental performance.

Cryogenic Air Separation Plants

Air Products currently owns and operates over 300 air separation plants in over 40 countries worldwide, in all types of applications. In addition to our own plants, we have sold, designed and built over 1000 air separation plants globally.

Pipeline Supply

Located in major industrial locations around the world, pipelines offer customers with large product demands a range of benefits, including reliable, safe and flexible supply in a cost-effective way.

SDS Library

Our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) library allows you to search and find the SDS you need--in the language you select.

SDS Library

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