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Designing models on computer

Computational Modeling Services

We bring state-of-the-art modeling solutions to research and engineering problems

Using Computational Chemistry we can produce predictions of your materials' performance attributes, engineering properties, safety characteristics, and your costs. We offer you as well Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technologies to predict fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reactions and related phenomena.

Our Applied Mathematics and Numerical Methods are developed to handle new ‘problems’ for which solutions either do not exist or are not in a convenient form.

With our Kinetics and Reactor Modeling, we offer a tool for the design and scale-up of chemical processes.

Through Process Modeling you will be able to achieve desirable performance objectives (e.g. cost, process efficiency, material properties etc.) within the practical constraints of your system.

We provide statistical techniques facilitating modeling, analysis and optimization of laboratory, pilot and commercial plant operations and through our Data mining techniques we can help to build key insights about processes and systems by uncovering hidden correlations, and statistically significant patterns.

What are the Benefits of our Computational Modeling Services?

Computational Chemistry

High-performance computing to predict materials' performance, engineering properties, safety characteristics, and cost

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Analyses for conceptual studies of designs, detailed product development, scale-up, troubleshooting and retrofitting

Kinetics and Reactor Modeling

Fundamentals of reactions and interactions with transport processes in a reactor, key to the design of the processes

Process Modeling and Optimization

To optimise and achieve desirable performance objectives, such as cost, process efficiency, and material properties

Statistical Sciences

Statistics and modeling techniques, analysis and optimisation of all stages of the plant operations

Data Mining

Applied in optimisation of plant operations to facilitate decision-making in business forecasting, sales and marketing

Applied Mathematics and Numerical Methods

Develop mathematics and scientific computing to problems where solutions do not exist or are not in a convenient form

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