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Thermal spray

Thermal Spray Cooling System

Innovative Technology and Solutions

This patented technology uses cryogenic nitrogen vapor and nitrogen aerosol spray as a coolant to help you achieve high quality thermal spray coatings. Our novel technology can efficiently and uniformly cool coatings by monitoring the coating temperature and varying the cooling intensity to match the heat generated in the spraying process. It can help you lower costs due to the elimination of inter-pass cooling breaks, reduce powder and gas waste, improve part quality (preserve substrate properties, minimize coating oxidation and reduce residual stresses) and improve utilization of the thermal spray equipment and booth.

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Thermal Spray Cooling System to Fit Your Needs

  • Uses liquid nitrogen and nitrogen aerosol spray to control product and ambient temperature, coating and substrate
  • Reduces powder and gas waste, and improves productivity with less booth time
  • Provides tighter temperature control of parts during the thermal spray process
  • Includes temperature sensors and control box with multiple cooling lines
  • Reduces coating oxidation
  • Provides precise, user-defined temperature control within 20 degrees and reduces thermal softening of part substrate
  • Eliminates inter-pass cooling breaks
  • Can be used in conjunction with current compressed air cooling
  • Eliminates the need for traditional, rigid protective masking

Thermal Spray Cooling System Comparison

The table to the left illustrates the different features available, depending on your processing needs.

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