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Halia mixer aeration system

Halia® Mixer Aeration System

Wastewater treatment plant boosting

The Halia® mixer aerator system is a high-speed, direct-drive floating mixer equipped for oxygen injection. The mixer provides top-to-bottom mixing of the biomass and even distribution of oxygen that is injected and disseminated throughout the mixed liquid with the target to maximise the residence time and minimise the coalescence effect for an efficient oxygen transfer.

The Halia® Mixer Aerator is easy to install in an activated sludge basin. As the mixing capacity is independent of the aeration one, the system permits a continuous mixing and sequential aeration.

Download Halia® Mixer Aeration System brochure

​The Benefits of the Halia® Mixer Aerator

  • Increased treatment capacity
  • Flexible oxygen supply mode
  • Minimised capital investment
  • Surface accessible
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Constant pressure with variable depth
  • No floor-mounted equipment
  • Easily retrofitted, wet-installed
  • Low energy consumption

What are the Benefits of Air Products' Oxygen Aeration Technology?

High Oxygen Mass Transfer

Higher Treatment Rate

Higher Sludge Concentrations

Improved Sludge Settle Ability

Rapid Response to Process Oxygen Demands

Lower Foaming

Looking for extra capacity in wastewater aerobic treatment?

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