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Halia® aeration system installed

Halia® Aeration Systems for Wastewater

Pure oxygen injection for aerobic biological processes

With Air Products Halia® aeration system wastewater is pumped from the aeration basin through a venturi where pure oxygen gas is injected. The oxygen rich stream is returned to the basin using unique liquid-liquid injectors that maximise the gas dissolution and ensure homogeneous distribution of the oxygen and mixing energy throughout the basin.
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What are the Benefits of Using Air Products' Halia® Aeration System?​

Increase Treatment Capacity

Lower Energy Consumption

Reduction of Odours and Emission of VOCs

Reduction of Foam and Aerosols

Short Term and Rental Options

Need to increase wastewater aerobic treatment capacity?

Our experts can help enhance your wastewater treatment by increasing the O₂ dissolution and advice on the best equipment.