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Freshline® Glazing Solutions

Create and protect your IQF products with a glaze of cryogenically-frozen water

Are you looking to produce an IQF shrimp, fruit, or vegetable product with a protective layer of frozen water glaze? Or are your defrosted premium IQF products suffering from damage caused by impact during transportation?

Our experts have decades of expertise and know how around how to glaze each IQF product with the perfect amount of water. As well as improving the general appearance of your frozen product, the frozen layer of water will act as a protective buffer during handling and distribution. The water can be either sprayed or poured over already-frozen shrimp, or other IQF products, before being loaded into the freezer; or applied in stages to create a thicker and tougher protective glaze layer around your product. In addition, the colder temperatures of cryogenics will help you achieve higher coating ratios compared to traditional mechanical freezers.

Whether your specific process requires small or larger coating ratios, our experts will be there to guide you along the way and help you determine the best solution for you.

What Are the Freezer Options for Glazing?

Freshline® DM Freezer
If you wish to freeze both standard non-IQF products, and IQF products in the same machine
Freshline® IQF+ Freezer
For larger throughputs of high quality IQF
Freshline® Rotary Freezer
For an optimal IQF result for the smallest type of products

Ask the Expert

Jozef Hoferica

Jozef Hoferica

Food Applications Specialist, Americas

"Why should I glaze my IQF products with a protective layer of water?”
To prevent damage to your premium products during transportation so they arrive at your customer, or point of sale, in perfect IQF condition.

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