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Air Products' Cleanfire® ThruPorte™ burner operator

Cleanfire® ThruPortₑ™ Burner

A solution for aging regenerators in the glass industry

The Air Products Cleanfire® ThruPort™ burner, one of Air Products’ latest development for the glass industry, enables installation of oxy-fuel combustion technology on-the-fly through existing air-fuel regenerative furnace ports. This water-cooled, oxygen-staged oxy-fuel burner is ideal for restoring full production on furnaces crippled by failing regenerators, and is most often used either temporarily during regenerator repairs, or to extend furnace life near the end of a campaign.

Your key operating personnel can have instantaneous access to up-to-date burner operating parameters in your control room or remote computers and smart devices through Air Products Process Intelligence, which uses state-of-the-art on-burner diagnostic sensors and wireless communications technology to monitor and control our gases and equipment as well as track key process parameters.

To help you understand if this burner is a good fit for your needs, we can run a demonstration in our pilot-scale Advanced Clean Energy lab.

Download Cleanfire® ThruPortₑ™ Burner data sheet
Air Products' Cleanfire® ThruPorte™ burner

To avoid downtime during regenerator repairs or extend the life of an aging furnace, our ThruPortₑ burner can be easily installed through your existing furnace port to efficiently add heat and help maintain your desired production level—while delivering high efficiency and low NOₓ emissions. To do this, the burner takes advantage of several unique features:

  • Tandem, water-cooled oxy-fuel burner and oxygen staging lance assembly
  • Natural gas and oil-fired versions, with firing capacity in the range of 4–20 MMBTU/hr
  • Proven, durable design—easily installed in existing port, while furnace is running
  • Adjustable flame length and angle for optimal heat distribution and surface coverage
  • Optional state-of-the-art on-burner diagnostic sensors and wireless communications technology—providing instantaneous remote access to up to-date burner operating parameters
  • Available for rapid deployment

Cleanfire® ThruPortₑ™ burner operating modes

Cleanfire® ThruPorte™ burner operating modes

Cleanfire® ThruPortₑ™ Burner

This burner offers glass manufacturers a rapid solution for restoring aging furnaces to full production.


The Advanced Clean Energy Laboratory is our newest demonstration facility, capable of facilitating development and full-scale testing of combustion systems using actual customer fuels. Plus a remote video imaging systems enables real-time participation in testing via the Internet.

Undergoing regenerator repairs? Difficulty maintaining full production in an aging furnace?

Let our application engineers help you understand if the Cleanfire® ThruPortₑ™ burner is a good fit for your needs.

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