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Burner flame photo in a glass furnace

Cleanfire® AOFᵢ™ Burner

A reliable air-oxy-fuel backup burner for use during limited or interrupted natural gas or oxygen supply

The Air Products Cleanfire® AOF™ burner is a versatile back up burner to the Air Products Cleanfire® HR™ and Cleanfire® HR™ burners, which still delivers the differentiated flame characteristics provided by these standard burners. To help you understand if this burner is a good fit for your needs, we can run a demonstration in our pilot-scale Advanced Clean Energy lab.
Cleanfire AOFI Burner

A Flexible Back-up Burner for Use in Emergency Situations

  • Can be used with a variety of fuels and operating modes
  • Able to use an alternate oxidizer gas, with a wide range of oxygen content
  • Provides the ability to maintain production
  • Protects the furnace asset, especially those with a fused cast refractory superstructure
  • Available in 1-20+ MMBTU/hr sizes
  • Can be used to replace Cleanfire® HR™ and HR™ burners, while using the same burner block


The Advanced Clean Energy Laboratory is our newest demonstration facility, capable of facilitating development and full-scale testing of combustion systems using actual customer fuels. Plus a remote video imaging system enables real-time participation in testing via the Internet.

Need the assurance of backup burners in case of an emergency?

Our applications engineers can determine the optimal backup burner configuration for your needs.

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