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Christopher Alsop

Director, Air Separation Unit Product Line

Christopher Alsop is director of the air separation unit (ASU) product line at Air Products. He has global responsibility for leading ASU product development and managing ASU proposals.

Mr. Alsop joined Air Products in the U.K. in 1997 as a participant in the company’s Engineering Development Program. In 2000 he joined the Global Engineering and Manufacturing organization as a process engineer for the Generated Gases product supply team (PST). From 2002-2007 he held a variety of positions in Project Development Engineering for Electronics before being named project development engineering manager for the Generated Gases PST in 2008. Mr. Alsop became a CI black belt in 2012, responsible for leading continuous improvement projects in ASU products and engineering. In 2014 he was appointed EMEA regional design manager, and in 2015 he was named global product manager, responsible for leading the product development and driving improved competitiveness of ASUs around the world.

Mr. Alsop holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering with fuel technology from the University of Sheffield (U.K.).