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Air Products provides essential industrial gases, equipment and expertise across a wide range of industries and leads the way in solving some of the world’s most significant energy and environmental challenges. Our clean energy megaprojects are accelerating the energy transition and generating a cleaner future for our planet―and now's a great time to be part of it and grow with us.

We know how important it is to gain valuable work experience and network with professionals, so we offer internships as well as a variety of recent graduate opportunities to become a part of our global team. Our team will provide you with valuable work opportunities and help you find the best department for you to thrive.

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Internship and Co-Op Program

Air Products’ intern, co-op, and industrial placement programs give you the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insight, while bringing enthusiasm and ideas to your work. As part of our student programs, you will have opportunities to contribute meaningful and impactful work. You will gain knowledge through working for an industry leader, build your professional network, and gain the opportunities to be a part of the innovations and legacies we leave.

Grow with us, with our Career Development Program

We believe in recruiting top graduates who can become tomorrow's leaders. Our Career Development Program (CDP) will provide
hands-on opportunities in two to three challenging yet rewarding assignments applicable to your future, each lasting 12 months. 
We'll help you produce results, generate ideas and make a real contribution. We're committed to giving you
the support you need and an environment in which you can learn, develop and grow.

Make an Impact
You will be encouraged to take on as much responsibility as you can handle, as quickly as you can handle it, with multiple challenges and exciting work in our business and corporate areas.
Networking Opportunities
You will network with others in your program through business and social functions, work with senior level managers and vice presidents throughout the company, and be invited to take advantage of our employee networks and well-being programs to meet and influence employees.
The Goal
To make you a future leader of the company by giving you the opportunity to enhance your professional and technical skills, clarify your career interests, and develop your leadership abilities.

Choose the program that's right for you: 

BS/MS Program

Engineering (Chemical and Mechanical)
Digital Technology/Information Technology
Supply Chain

Ph.D. Program

Engineering (Chemical and Mechanical)

The Career Development Program Council

Each CDP member is invited to be part of our all-volunteer Council with the opportunity to attend tech and career talks, mentor newly hired next generation program participants, organize relevant events, and participate in community service while building a network of people with similar roles and experiences. The CDP Council aims to enhance your CDP experience and help the transition into your role at Air Products by creating a cohesive group of working professionals.

Developing your career

Career and personal development of employees is a vital part of our business strategy, and we encourage you to be active in influencing the direction of your career path. You'll develop your skills and interests through a rotation of two to three different assignments, with broad-based on-the-job training, and be offered a wide range of internal courses covering technical, interpersonal and leadership topics. Where appropriate, external courses are supported.

Bachelor's/Master's Program

This enables you to develop your technical and professional skills while achieving a better understanding of your area of interest and strengths. The program consists of two to three rotations of 12 months, each in different areas.


A world of engineering opportunities through a variety of engineering rotations.

Digital Technology/Information Technology

Designed for recent CS graduates seeking a variety of challenging and diverse work assignments. 

Supply Chain

Designed for Supply Chain graduates with an interest in procurement, logistics, process improvement, data analysis and/or fleet management.


You will rotate throughout our company in financial roles over a three-year period. Your initial assignment is determined based on your career interest and our business needs, with the opportunity to choose subsequent assignments. All positions are located at our global headquarters, based in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Ph.D. Program

Our cutting-edge program provides anyone studying or recently graduated with a Ph.D. or post-doctoral degree and skills in engineering or science a unique opportunity with up to three rotational assignments lasting approximately one year each. These will complement your strengths and expand your skills while you gain insight into our corporate culture and play an active role in shaping your career. You will gain valuable work experience with high visibility within our Technology and Operational Excellence teams with a senior level manager as your mentor to help and guide you.

Diverse employees and collage of various job roles

You belong and matter

We're dedicated to providing an inclusive work environment where all employees are treated with respect and dignity and feel that they are valued, belong and matter. That means going beyond just focusing on superior financial performance, but on bringing people from all walks of life together to collaborate and innovate solutions to the world's most significant energy and environmental sustainability challenges. 
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