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Aerated chocolate

Whipping and Aeration of Food Preparations

Uniformly disperse ultra-fine to large bubbles in your pumpable product, for a unique end-result

Are you looking for a natural propelling gas to whip your cream that is stored in cans? Or do you wish to create a unique texture for your product? Or maybe you are currently aerating your food preparation with air and are not satisfied with its shelf life?

Our food grade nitrogen, carbon dioxide (CO₂) or nitrous oxide can help you whip your creams, aerate your pumpable preparations, and create new unique textures that will delight your customers, while offering a product with a longer shelf life than if aerated with air.

Depending on your product type and the effect you want to achieve (for example the size of the bubbles), our experts can help you determine which gas to use, in which quantities, and how to ideally mix it for a satisfying and homogeneous foamy, fluffy, whipped or aerated food preparation. You can then either immediately package, form or extrude it to reach the desired end-result.

Why Aerate Your Products?

Shelf Life

Longer shelf life than if aerated with air

Yield Improvement

Less weight in the same package

Unique Customer Experience

Unique texture that will vary depending on the gas type and quantities

Less Calories per Pack

In the same volume there will be less product leading to less calories per pack

Improved Aroma

Vaporise natural aromas into the gas used to aerate your product, thanks to our Aroma MAP™ system

whipped cream

Why Aerate with Food Grade Gases Rather than with Air?

The aeration process can be achieved by injecting clean and dry compressed air in a flow of pumpable food products. However,

  • This requires investment in an air dryer
  • The oxygen present in the air leads to a reduced product shelf life because
    • it reacts with the fat in the food product (oxidative rancidity)
    • it exposes your product to the accelerated growth of aerobic bacteria

The use of nitrogen, nitrous oxide or CO₂ instead of compressed air can avoid all these challenges.


Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.

Carbon Dioxide

Our experienced applications teams across the globe can use their industry and application knowledge to provide you with a compressed or liquid carbon dioxide supply and technology solution to meet your unique needs.


Useful as a gas, for its inert properties, and as a liquid for cooling and freezing. Virtually any industry can benefit from its unique properties to improve yields, optimize performance and make operations safer.

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly used in food as an aerosol spray propellant due to its high solubility in fatty compounds enabling it to create up to four times the volume of liquid cream once released from the can.

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