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Oil Refinery

Hydrogen Recovery for Industrial Applications

Using PRISM® Hydrogen Membranes

PRISM® Hydrogen membranes are used to recover hydrogen molecules that are lost in reaction loops or in off-gas streams. The PRISM® Membranes selectively separate hydrogen molecules through a membrane while rejecting the unwanted gas byproducts. The upgraded hydrogen stream can be used for reaction loop feeds or in hydroprocessing, saving the cost of generating or purchasing hydrogen. Production ramp-ups and turndowns are easily managed using simple valves. The passive devices require no maintenance or replacement parts and will process gas streams for years.

Hydrogen Upgrading with PRISM® Membranes

PRISM® Hydrogen Membrane Systems recover hydrogen and adjust synthesis gas streams which increases efficiency at oil refineries, petrochemical and ammonia processing plants. In reaction loops, where gas mixtures are cycled through multiple times, PRISM® hydrogen membranes control the buildup of inert byproducts. The upgraded hydrogen is suitable for the reaction feed stream.

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