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Greenhouse CO₂ Enrichment

Keep your CO₂ levels where you need them for an increased crop yield

Are you looking to increase your greenhouse crop production? Or do you wish to start growing and harvesting your plants earlier in the season?

CO₂ assimilation is key for the photosynthesis process that stimulates the growth of your crops. Inside the greenhouse, when the plants' CO₂ consumption is greater than the supply from greenhouse openings, the CO₂ concentration decreases below the atmospheric level (350 ppm). This limits the photosynthesis process and corresponding plant growth.

Therefore, keeping the atmospheric CO₂ in your greenhouse at an optimal level may prove a yield worthy exercise (up to 20% - 40% yield increase).

Whether you need a simple CO₂ enrichment programme, or a dynamic enrichment strategy our experts can help you get to the ideal CO₂ concentration for your plants to successfully grow, no matter the weather outside.
Tomatoes on vine

Why Optimise the Atmospheric CO₂ Levels in Your Greenhouse?

  • Considerably increases the photosynthetic efficiency of your plants, and the crop yield
  • Avoids vegetative stop during maximum solar radiation
  • Leads to an optimised homogenisation of size and characteristics of fruit
  • Increases the foliar surface

Ask the Expert

Neil Hansford - Food Technology Expert, UK

Neil Hansford

Food Technology Expert, UK

“Will the CO₂ enrichment be yield worthy for my crop/greenhouse setup?”
Greenhouses circumstances can vary a lot. This is why we have developed a tool to estimate the yield increase for each specific case.


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